LFLG Recognized by Super Lawyers for the 6th Year in a Row

Levine Family Law Group is pleased to share that two of our attorneys have been selected for recognition by Super Lawyers* of California. Erin Levine and Ashley Schuh have been selected as a Super Lawyers, 2018! An update on our story: This has been a fabulous year for the Levine Team! We continue to provide unique legal solutions for modern families in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve decided to use this post as an opportunity to share some of …
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Why You Might Want A Prenup (And Not Even Know It)

Written by: Ashley Schuh Originally published: A Practical Wedding How getting a prenup is an exercise in #selflove First, I’m happy you are in love (hooray for love!). Even though I have spent the last thirteen years working as a divorce attorney, I believe wholeheartedly in love and relationships. I want yours to be perfect for you, and I want it to last. But as the cofounder of Love & Real Life, an experienced Family Law attorney, and a Mediator, I …
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4 Ways Millennials are Making Us Rethink the California Family Law System

We all hear about how millennials are changing the world. Millennials are changing the way we live in countless ways – everything from how and where we find our news to how we get around and what type of entertainment we value. But what about relationship? Are they changing that too? Stats say yes. They aren’t getting married as often or as young. What does that mean for the legal system? A lot. Less marriage, more cohabitation: Recently released data …
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Cohabitation Agreements: More Essential Than Ever

There are tons of rights that apply to married persons that don’t apply to cohabiting couples — protection against disinheritance, social security, exclusion from gift taxes, community property and partner support obligations — to name a few. More couples than ever are moving in together, combining finances and sometimes having children. But what happens if they break up? Unlike divorces, there is no legal process you are funneled into when there’s a split. Good thing, right? Well maybe. But when …
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Tips for a Successful Mediation

Mediation works when it is done right. It can be a fabulous way of reducing animosity, finalizing a divorce quickly and efficiently, keeping your personal life and private details more confidential, saving money and resolving conflict. Mediation is not right everyone – it only works when there is no power imbalance, both parties agree to be transparent with finances, each spouse has a serious desire for settlement and neither party has denied access to the children. Benefits of mediation include …
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Our Postnup Primer

Post-nuptial agreements are a written consensus between two parties, entered into after the marriage occurs. The purpose of a post-nuptial agreement (also known as Marital agreement or Transmutation agreement) is similar to the purpose of a pre-nuptial agreement in that it helps parties work through potential problems before they occur so there are less surprises down the road. A post-nuptial agreement offers protection to both parties by allowing the couple to discuss the division of assets without leaving that division …
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Plan B: Why the Happily Married Should Consider a Post-Nuptial Agreement

Post-Nuptial Agreement

What the heck is a divorce lawyer doing writing a blog for two people in love, married, and with no intention of ever separating? Hmmm… Is it because I’m unromantic? cynical? distasteful? Gosh, I hope not. I guess I’ve seen a lot of good love gone bad. I’ve seen once happily married people saying things like, “she was my best friend but I don’t even know her anymore” or “I’ve worked so hard for what I’ve earned, he doesn’t deserve …
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All you need is love, or a divorce attorney if it doesn’t work out.

All you need is love

After nearly a decade in family law, one would think a divorce attorney has seen enough broken hearts to be forever cynical of love. And maybe most are. I for one, am not. Perhaps financially disentangling lost love has given me more of an understanding and appreciation for the capacity and great intensity of the power two beings can share in heart and soul. I don’t profess to know a whole lot about it. After all I am not called …
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The ‘PreNup Primer’


Whether you are in agreement with Premarital Agreements or not — it’s always a hot topic and one that breeds fascination, gossip and emotion. What we do know is that in California, they are legal and the longer I am in practice, the more I am asked to draft them and/or litigate against their enforcement. A Premarital Agreement (aka Prenup) or Pre-Domestic Partnership Agreement (for registered Domestic Partners) may be legal, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can agree to …
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