Are Three Parents a Crowd? Understanding California’s 3rd Parent Law

California’s Three Parent Law: How might it affect you? Most children have two parents, a mother and a father, two moms or two dads. But what about a child that has three (or more!) parents? What is a three parent family? A three – or more – parent family might seem wildly out there, but it’s a situation many families are facing. For example, a lesbian couple could have a child with a sperm donation from a close friend. The …
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Who’s Your Daddy? Exciting Changes to CA Assisted Reproduction Law

We have all heard the horror story of the Kansas Craigslist sperm donor ordered to pay child support. If you have not, here’s a brief recap: Two lesbian women were in a committed relationship and in order to save costs, decided to advertise on Craigslist for sperm donation rather than use private sperm donation (which can be pricey). Makes sense right? — you get the benefit of meeting the donor in person and get a sense of who they really …
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Levine Family Law Group Congratulates Ashley Schuh on Harvard Mediation Certification


Press Release for November 17, 2014 Congratulations to one of our own, Ashley Schuh, who completed a rigorous mediation certification program at Harvard Law School in October! The Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program is the nation’s first legal clinic focusing on dispute systems design and conflict management.  The certification program has been expertly created to advance upper division students and enrolled professionals in the areas of negotiation, mediation, facilitated dialogue, stakeholder assessment, dispute systems evaluation and design, conflict analysis, and curriculum …
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Levine Family Law Group Announces the Opening of its Walnut Creek Office!


PRESS RELEASE FOR NOVEMBER 13, 2014. Levine Family Law Group is proud to announce the opening of our second office in the east bay. The Walnut Creek office, located at 2067 Mount Diablo Boulevard, has opened its doors and is now serving clients by appointment. Call us at (510) 595-4112 to schedule an appointment. This new location will afford us closer proximity to the Martinez courthouse where many of our Contra Costa clients have their legal matters heard. The opening …
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Sophia Wood Henderson: An all-star addition to the LFLG team


At Levine Family Law Group, the success of each case we handle is dependent on the ability of our team to work efficiently, collaboratively and strategically. We work to produce the best possible work product because in law, a single mistake can lead to a huge loss. Sophia has been the perfect addition to this puzzle. Her keen attention to detail, combined with her excellent follow through and professional yet empathetic client contact — compliment Ashley’s ability to simplify complex …
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Will tomorrow be the day? LFLG anxiously awaits landmark decisions on gay marriage


Tomorrow morning the Supreme Court of the United States is expected to announce their decisions in Hollingsworth v. Perry, a case that challenges California’s gay marriage ban (Proposition 8), and United States v. Windsor, which contests the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). As family law attorneys practicing in the Bay Area who have strong ties to the LGBT community, we are particularly interested in the outcome of these two cases. While many people expect landmark decisions to be released, there …
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Levine Family Law Group Announces New Accomplishments and Expansion for the Fourth Consecutive Year


PRESS RELEASE FOR JUNE 13, 2013. Levine Family Law Group is proud to announce two accomplishments that will enhance the client experience in complex family law litigation. Erin Levine, Andrew Levine, Ashley Schuh Ashley Schuh, an eight year family law veteran, has recently been certified as a Specialist in Family Law by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization. Certification was a grueling process which included the successful passage of a written examination, completion of numerous litigation tasks …
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What’s New in California Family Law?


2013 brings with it a host of new Family Laws. Even if you are self represented, the court expects you to know the law. Below is a list of several (but not all) new laws that may be essential in your Divorce, Domestic Partnership Dissolution, Child Custody or other Family Law Matter. CHILD CUSTODY: Your child’s passport: Family Code section 2040(a)(1) is applicable upon filing of the Petition and restrains a parent from applying for a new or replacement passport …
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