Child Custody Mediations

Like traditional mediation, child custody mediation is an alternative to taking a case before the court where parents have the chance to resolve any disagreements they have about a parenting plan for their children following a divorce or breakup. During the mediation, the parents are assisted by a mediator to resolve the disagreements the parties have been unable to resolve on their own.

The mediation process is different than traditional court proceedings because the parents only hire one attorney, versus each hiring their own. The attorney talks with each of the parents to get a sense of what each parent wants and then tries to assist the parties in making an agreement that is suitable to both of them. In some cases, the attorney and the parties will work closely with a therapist who has extensive experience in co-parenting counseling. Afterwards, the lawyer will prepare the agreed upon plan, or, if desired, assist the parents in preparing their own. The plan is then filed with the court and reviewed by a judge. If the judge approved the agreement, it may then become the custody order.

Parents may choose child custody mediation for a variety of reasons. The mediation process costs much less than taking the case before a judge or having each side’s attorney litigate on their behalf. The mediation process allows the parents to decide what is in the best interests of their child, versus leaving that decision up to a judge. The process also helps the parents explore their emotions and discuss any resentment they are feeling. Traditional court proceedings often make parties forget that preserving the child’s relationship with both parents is what is most important.

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