Child Support Arrearage

The term child support arrearage refers to past due child support that is owed to the child’s residential parent. Child support is a court ordered monthly obligation to pay to support a child if a parent lives outside of the home. Support obligations can be the result of divorce, separation, or unmarried parents who have split up or were not together.

The purpose of child support is so a child does not have to feel the financial strain of growing up in a single parent household if it can be avoided. Its purpose is to alleviate the financial difference caused by one parent’s absence. The purpose of the support is to ensure the non-residential parent is providing ample support to the child into adulthood.

At times, the support order may become too burdensome for the nonresidential parent to pay because of financial changes or additional children. When the support order is not paid, the unpaid amount goes into arrears and it can be difficult or impossible for the individual to catch back up because of interest.

Likewise, if a party finds themselves on the side that is not received the ordered payments, making ends meet and providing adequately for the child can be challenging. That individual may wish to seek to have the judgment enforced pursuant to the agreed on or decided court order.

In some cases, a parent will seek to collect child support arrears many years after the child(ren) have reached majority. Often times the payor spouse has not kept adequate records of payment over the years and may find themselves in a very tricky legal situation.

Regardless of whether you are owed or owe child support arrearages, (or are accused of not paying child support that you did in fact, pay, Levine Law Group can help. Please contact our office today to set up a consultation to discuss your options.

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