Establishing Paternity or Maternity

When a court establishes the paternity or maternity of a child, it means that individual has been found to be the legal mother or father to a child. Parentage can be established in several ways and at different times. Many people can request a judgment to be made as to the child’s parentage, including the other parent, a society welfare agency, your local child support agency, or another family member.

Who Can Seek to Establish Parentage

  • A parent who wishes to obtain visitation or custody
  • A father who denies his financial responsibility for a child for lack of paternity
  • A mother seeking to receive a child support order
  • A mother seeking to file for a restraining order needing to meet the household member requirement
  • The State of California to establish paternity
  • The Department of Child Support Services to receive child support from the father
  • The Social Security Administration to establish paternity for the child’s inheritance

If you are an individual wishing to establish or rebut the paternity of a child, contact our office today to discuss your options.

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