Family Law Coaching

A family law coach is a lawyer who is experienced in litigating family law matters before the court, so much that they are able to instruct you how to do so yourself. A family law coach instructs you as to the processes, procedures and requirements of a family law case. A family law coach will not stand next to you in the courtroom and represent you, but he or she can coach you in how to prepare the required documents in your case.

If you find yourself involved in a family law case, be it divorce, child support, or a custody matter, and you do not presently have the funds to pay for attorney representation, hiring a family law coach can help you feel informed and prepared for the battles that lie ahead. Hiring a family law coach can be far less expensive than retaining an attorney to represent you throughout the process, but it does require you to put in the work along the way.

Hiring a family law coach is ideal for someone who needs help understanding and navigating the process. Most importantly, if you hire the family law coach and after a few appointments determine you would feel more comfortable retaining an attorney for representation purposes, you can still do so.

Learn more about legal coaching. If you have further questions about hiring a coach versus retaining an attorney, we can help. Please contact our office today.

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