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Levine Family LawWe offer full representation to meet your legal, economic & emotional needs.

Full-RepresentationWorking with you, we use our expertise, passion, and creative thinking to craft a legal strategy that will get you where you need to go.

Our team has nurtured our rapport and reputation within the legal community, including various local professionals that often play a crucial role in family law proceedings.

When possible, we will settle outside of court. It’s cheaper and less combative. However, if your case will be litigated, you are in expert hands. We are vigorous advocates with a proven track record of success.


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  • 10 Important Laws you Need to Know (if you’re getting a divorce) - We’ve compiled some of the most important statutes and laws that pertain to California Divorce. While there are many more that may be at issue in your separation, we thought this would be a great primer. We will definitely follow up with a ‘Part 2’ of this article soon! 1.    Spousal Support (Family Code Section 4320): While pre judgment spousal support is generally calculated using a formula, long term spousal support is determined by review of various factors. Some of the ...
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  • 10 Tips for Choosing a Divorce Lawyer - Picking an attorney who will understand your position, advocate for you zealously and ensure cost-effective representation, is not easy. You will be sharing your most intimate emotional and financial details – so it is important to choose someone you feel confident in and comfortable with. Below are ten tips for choosing a family law attorney: Is your lawyer “too busy” to answer your questions? Choose a lawyer who is easy to talk to and has time to devote to your ...
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  • 10 Tips for Writing a Persuasive Family Law Declaration - A declaration is a written statement made under the penalty of perjury. If you are filing a “Request for Order” (or responding to a “Request for Order”) asking that the Judge enter orders providing you some type of temporary “relief”, you will need to attach a declaration explaining the basis for your request and the facts that support it. Examples of Request for Orders (RFOs) include (but are not limited to) requests for: An enforceable parenting plan Modification of an ...
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