Gender and Name Changes

Individuals undergoing gender transformation may seek to change their legal identity on government documents such as a driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate or passport. The individual does not have to obtain a court ordered gender change to change any of these in California. However, if the individual was born outside of California, they may need to obtain a court order prior to changing the designation of their birth certificate. An individual who wishes to change their name does need a court order.

If an individual only wants to change the legally recognized gender on government documents through a court order, they must complete the required paperwork and file the documentation with the court. The court will set the matter for review, and afterwards provide the individual with an order for the change of gender. Using this document, they can then present it to the agencies in charge of changing the documents.

If an individual wants to change their legally recognized gender and name there is a similar process. That individual, by or through counsel, must file the appropriate forms with the court and publish their request. The court will then set the matter for a hearing, at which time the individual will explain to the court the reasons why they are seeking the name change. The court will issue a ruling, and file a decree. Using this document, they can change all of their legal documentation.

Gender and name change is still a relatively new area of law that much of the country is still catching up on. The attorneys at Levine Law Group are experienced in the area of transgender law. Allow us to help you through the process by contacting our office today.

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