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Family Law ‘Coaching and Mediation Consulting’ allows you to improve your likelihood of success while you continue to represent yourself and negotiate your best result.

You maintain control of your legal matter while our coaches offer advice, prepare documents, develop legal strategy, review and revise agreements, give insight on judges, mediators and other lawyers in the community and keep you on task.

Assistance with Your Divorce or Other Family Law Matter

Depending on the complexity of your case and your financial circumstances, a legal coach (aka consulting attorney or mediation coach) may be a great way to obtain assistance with your Divorce or other Family Law Matter. At Levine Family Law Group, we structure agreements that clearly outline the parameters of our role in your case so cost is clearly defined and you are well versed on what we can and will help you with.

Some of our most positive reviews have come from clients who have utilized the ‘divorce coach’ option to:

  • Negotiate a legal strategy and implement it;
  • Draft documents to present in court;
  • Review and ‘sign off’ on an Agreement;
  • Provide advice and guidance through a Mediation process and/or
  • Learn about the law that applies in his/her case.
Family Law Coaching offer clients the ability to meet with an attorney and/or paralegal on a limited basis — for one session, or several meetings over a course of time. We are able to assist you improve the likelihood of success by:
  • avoiding costly mistakes;
  • giving you no-nonsense advice;
  • developing legal strategy for mediation or litigation by assessing your needs and the law;
  • providing tips for litigating your case (everything from how to present your case to who your judge is and what our experience is in front of him/her);
  • confirming whether you have a strong claim or defense;
  • helping you prepare documents;
  • filing and serving legal documents;
  • answering questions along the way;
  • reviewing your documents and provide suggestions for improvement;
  • being on call in case you decide to have representation in court;
  • taking over your case if things feel out of control or you are awarded fees;
  • obtaining the assistance of a legal team confidentially;
  • reviewing a Judgment or Marital Settlement Agreement drafted by your mediator;
  • explaining local rules or formal court procedure;
  • assisting in developing a proposal consistent with your personal and financial goals;
  • getting you organized;
  • offering advice for negotiation and dealing with opposing counsel/party;
  • analyzing expert reports;
  • exploring settlement options; and/or
  • determining and explaining the practical consequences of various property division and support orders.
To find out if legal coaching is right for you, feel free to schedule a consultation by contacting us.

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