Limited Scope Representation

Levine Family LawAllowing you to be smart and efficient with your time and money.

We work with you to share responsibility for different aspects of your case.

Family Law Services

We will discuss various options for how we can help, such as:

  • We prepare your paperwork, we coach you on law, procedures & Full Representation Page strategy while you represent yourself in court.
  • We attend court proceedings and/or mediation for one aspect of your matter (such as child support).

Together, you and your attorney will agree upon the scope and extent of our relationship, as well as cost of services.

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  • 4 Ways Millennials are Making Us Rethink the California Family Law System - We all hear about how millennials are changing the world. Millennials are changing the way we live in countless ways – everything from how and where we find our news to how we get around and what type of entertainment we value. But what about relationship? Are they changing that too? Stats say yes. They aren’t getting married as often or as young. What does that mean for the legal system? A lot. Less marriage, more cohabitation: Recently released data ...
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  • All you need is love, or a divorce attorney if it doesn’t work out. - After nearly a decade in family law, one would think a divorce attorney has seen enough broken hearts to be forever cynical of love. And maybe most are. I for one, am not. Perhaps financially disentangling lost love has given me more of an understanding and appreciation for the capacity and great intensity of the power two beings can share in heart and soul. I don’t profess to know a whole lot about it. After all I am not called ...
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  • Cohabitation Agreements: More Essential Than Ever - There are tons of rights that apply to married persons that don’t apply to cohabiting couples — protection against disinheritance, social security, exclusion from gift taxes, community property and partner support obligations — to name a few. More couples than ever are moving in together, combining finances and sometimes having children. But what happens if they break up? Unlike divorces, there is no legal process you are funneled into when there’s a split. Good thing, right? Well maybe. But when ...
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