Post-Divorce Disputes

Although a divorce, annulment ends the financial relationship between spouses, difficulties may still continue to arise even after the court enters the final judgment and a party may need to have an order modified or enforced based on their situation or their prior spouse’s conduct. The final order a judge issues terminates the marriage and results in orders that establish the property division of both community and quasi community property, spousal support, child custody, visitation and child support. Though a court tries to make orders that do not need to be amended, at times it is necessary to modify or enforce these orders to resolve disputes that arise after the divorce process is over.

The most common reasons a party may need to modify an order are for support or custody changes. For custody, as the child gets older, the visitation agreement as set forth in the final order may no longer be appropriate. For support, modifications are often amended when the one of the parties remarries, as the children get older, or if the parties begin to share custody more than when the order was entered. Enforcements are necessary when one party is not complying with the terms of the order. An enforcement alerts the court that one party is violating the order, and the court can then require that parent to comply.

There are many issues that continue to arise after the final order has been entered. Whether you need to enforce an order or modify an existing order, our office can help. Please contact us today to set up a consultation.

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