Same Sex Marriage

Now the law of the land, same sex marriage is legally recognized in all 50 states. In the landmark Supreme Court case, Obergefell v. Hodges, the Court held it was no longer constitutional for a state to deny same-sex couples the fundamental right to marry their partner.

Although the fight for equal recognition under the law is over, there are still special circumstances surrounding same-sex marriage that require an attorney who is well versed in California LGBT law. Same-sex marriage is now legal across the country, but there are unfortunately still areas of the county and of the law that have not progressed as quickly and require unique representation.

For example, if a couple has children, additional legal precautions need to be taken to ensure each parent’s legal custody is binding. If a same-sex couple wishes to move with their child out of state (or country), the non bio parent may benefit from an order recognizing him or her as a legal parent to avoid any potential issues with doctors and/or schools. Same-sex marriages or partnerships present unique legal needs at all phases of the relationship to best protect the rights of all people involved. Levine Law Group has extensive experience with the following areas of same-sex couple law:

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