About Us

Levine Family Law Group Office

We are a premier bay area boutique law firm specializing in family law.

When you work with us, you receive the best of both worlds:
Expertise, resources and skill of big firm lawyers combined with small firm efficiency, pliability and personalized attention.

To us, it is you that matters.

We measure our success on your success:

When we meet your economic and emotional needs, we know that we have achieved far more than awards or advanced degrees and licenses – although we’ve got those too.


We listen to what you need – your priorities, intentions, goals and concerns.

We use our expertise, passion, outside-the-box problem solving thinking to craft a legal strategy that will get you where you need to go.

Whether you want full representation or a little help along the way, we vow to truly hear you and give you the no-nonsense legal advise that you deserve.

Levine Family LawOur Manifesto

  • We recognize your matter is a personal investment – with results that can have serious and long lasting implications.
  • We are humbled by your story.
  • We measure our success by your outcome.
  • We define family in broad and inclusive terms.
  • We are passionate about new and complex challenges.
  • We love efficiency.
  • We respect the legal system but trust there are sometimes better ways to resolve domestic issues.
  • We care about our reputation in the community.
  • We are team players.
  • We aim to change the way you think about lawyers.

We Proudly Serve Most Cities in the East Bay and San FraNcisco.

Our Staff

Jill Mierke
Legal Assistant

Shelley VanRenselaar
Case Manager

Ky Hampton

Ky Hampton
Office Coordinator