Dolma Lhasung
17:00 15 Jun 22
Levine Family Law Group has been my backbone to win the case handled by Monica in the year 2018. Erin and the company had restored the humanity by not working for the money but for the authenticity of the case. Levine family Law group had changed the white into black just like how painters does in my case and for many others as well. I have never given up my hope from this great Law Firm in future even though there was a little glitch this month. To the CEO Erin, I thank you every morning in my prayers for your generosity and humanism. I have never heard of Law firm who have refund clients money but you did. you have made me believed that money is not everything comparing to the human kindness. I am not going anywhere but coming soon in few months. Our gratitude to you for letting us believed that humanity still exists and there people who are wanting to help and care without wanting anything in exchange.
Craig Jones
13:40 18 Jul 19
I retained Levine Family Law Group to help me with a domestic matter that needed clearing up, from several years ago. I found the process to be easy, thorough, and professional. Monica Espinosa represented me and she was engaged, interested, compassionate, and intensely understanding of my situation. Throughout the entire process, which was approximately six months, one initial "in person" meeting was all that was required. After that, communication consisted of email and an occasional phone call - Monica was extremely responsive and made the process that much easier.I would wholeheartedly recommend this firm and, more importantly, Monica Espinosa. She went out of her way to ensure my legal issue was handled swiftly and professionally.Thank you, Erin and Monica. I truly appreciate you both.
Dolma L.
19:35 01 Sep 18
Stars are not enough for Levine Family Law Group .so i will have to tell the one and only moon to join with them to show how awesome they are !!.I was...
Oblio Jenkins
15:25 31 Jul 17
I had a great experience - I went in for an hour consultation and feel like it was without question worth it... I feel much more informed now!
Erin and team we're fabulous! I would recommend them highly!
19:42 19 Jun 17
When I met with Erin Levine she did two things that pleasantly surprised me:She presented a concise and comprehensive quotation for the services they would provide.And they performed these services in precisely the manner described for the amount quoted.It was a refreshing change from some previous experiences with other firms.I was also fortunate enough to have Joanna Funke assigned to my case. She was unfailingly courteous and is to be commended for the professional and diligent manner that she displayed throughout.Brent Lenehan
Dina Eisenberg
18:43 24 May 17
Erin and her staff are committed to helping through a difficult time. Their warmth and genuine kindness go a long way to reducing the stress of seeing a divorce lawyer. You can be yourself and you're in thoughtful, skilled hands.
Jeffrey M.
11:06 11 Oct 16
Five stars are not enough for Erin and her legal team. It should be more like 1,000 stars. Erin is a calm, extremely intelligent, family law expert--yet...
Marivel Silva
06:25 01 Apr 15
Erin, and her staff, are phenomenal! She helped me through a divorce and later a custody battle. What I truly enjoyed about working with Erin was that she really took the time to understand me and my situation. She gave me so many options for how to handle the divorce that I never felt as if she was just after my money.Beyond being incredibly warm and empathetic, Erin is sharp, thorough, and inspiring to watch in action. I always knew what to expect and when and never questioned her ability to kick ass if that was the route I wanted to pursue.Ultimately both the divorce and custody battle ended in my favor and I am forever grateful for everything she did for me.
Wendy Dutton
17:41 09 Jun 14
I give everyone at Levine Law group five stars! I was in a panic state by the time I reached Erin . I needed assistance in a support modification case involving my adult disabled son.Other lawyers I contacted either did not have experience with this type of case or we're not willing to take on the work involved; Erin took the case with no reservation.Erin and her team were so supportive and responsive. They worked out an affordable payment plan and gave me discounts. Erin wanted to know about my son as a person not just as part of a law case. I was part of the team, my input sought and respected.Overall, I am thankful I had Erin and her team on my side.
Albert Brown
19:57 19 Jul 13
Erin is a great help in addressing divorce and family law related issues. She listens and provides advice and approaches that are focused on my objectives. I highly recommend Levine Law Group.
G Martin1907
15:00 21 Jun 13
A good lawyer with a great team. They professionally guided me through the process of divorce and with kindness and compassion dealt with my grief and anger to keep me focused on negotiating the best settlement I could get. Thank you Erin