Marriage is a Legal and Financial Commitment.

We use a non-adversarial process to help couples come to fair and well thought-out pre (or post) -marital agreements.

We don’t just look to income and assets – we examine lifestyle, needs, interests, and goals and work with both parties (through mediation or collaboratively with your partner’s advocate) to craft an agreement that allows both parties to feel secure in their marriage or domestic partnership.

Often referred to as a “Prenuptial Agreement,” “PreNup”, “Post-Nup” or “Transmutation Agreement,” Marriage Contracts are an effective way for a couple to make decisions regarding a number of issues in the event they split. A carefully drafted marital contract can save a lot of the time, stress and cost, associated with a divorce.

Marriage Law

We are firm believers in marriage equality and work hard to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to a secure and legal union.


Happily Married? We’re happy for you!

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