Erin Levine Selected for TBD Law, a Private Group of the Most Innovative and Future-Oriented Small Firm Lawyers in the World


St. Louis, Missouri.—February 23, 2017— Erin Levine was named as one of 50 invite-only
members of the second TBD Law conference in St. Louis on February 26-28, representing
some of the most innovative and forward-thinking solo and small firm lawyers to step outside
their comfort zone to reimagine the law practices of tomorrow. The event, a joint effort of the
online small firm community, and meeting facilitation company, Filament , is
focused on convening innovative small firm lawyers and changing the nature of legal
conferences and the legal profession.

“The first TBD Law conference was the two most valuable days of my professional life as a solo,
and I will continue to reap the benefits of these two days for years to come,” said 2016
participant Megan Zavieh.

“We are really excited that Erin Levine is part of the TBD Law community and joining our
February conference in St. Louis. Erin’s firm, Levine Family Law Group, provides out-of-the-box legal solutions for her clients. Her soon-to-launch web platform, ‘Hello Divorce’ will be instrumental in ensuring self represented family law litigants have access to high quality, cost effective, on demand legal help and makes her a tremendous addition to this small, select group. We are confident that she will make some great contributions to helping define what the future of what law practice will look like,” said Aaron Street, the CEO of

Erin Levine will join 50 invitation-only attendees who will come together at TBD Law to
workshop fresh ideas, network, build their professional circle, participate in a hackathon, and
much more. TBD Law has no presenters, speakers, or session topics, but instead uses a variety
of interactive activities and techniques to engage attendees in working together to solve each
other’s challenges and work to define the future of law practice.

About TBD Law : TBD Law is an invitation-only semi-annual event and online community for a
small group of the most innovative, creative, and forward-thinking small firm lawyers in the
world. It is organized by and Filament. Learn more:

About is the largest online community of solo and small-firm
lawyers in the world. Learn more:

About Filament: Filament is a St. Louis-based meeting facility and meeting facilitation service,
offering a new way of running meetings. Learn more:

One thought on “Erin Levine Selected for TBD Law, a Private Group of the Most Innovative and Future-Oriented Small Firm Lawyers in the World

  1. Levine law group is awesome. Erin is one of the best attorneys I’ve met in my life. She is very smart knowledgeable and alert in court.

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