Apps and Websites to Make Co-parenting (a little) Easier

  1. Our Family Wizard
  • Our Family Wizard is a wonderful way to simplify shared custody. As an added bonus, it’s a great way to gather evidence if your ex refuses to cooperatively co parent and you need to request orders from the court granting you more custodial time, sole legal custody on one or more issue pertaining to your children (e.g. school choice or medical/mental health needs) and/or requiring your ex to ‘play ‘fair.’ OFW is a web platform and app that allows you to share messages, communicate expenses, update each other about various issues like dentist appointments or parent teacher conferences. There’s also other features like a calendar and expense log.


Divorce Coping:

  • Divorce Coping is not for co-parenting per se, but let’s face it: when we feel better, we have a lot more ‘space’ to deal with a difficult ex and navigate life with your kids in two households. Divorce coping gives women a fun tip of the day to get through life – during or just after, divorce.

2 Houses:

  • 2 Houses offers a 14 day free trial on its website. They help separated parents communicate and get organized. Some of the features we like on this site include: calendar management, a really great way to manage kid expenses, and an easy way to share information (including attachments).



  • Coparenter is a new(ish) app but we are excited about it. What makes this one special is that it offers a way to resolve disputes when parents can’t resolve conflicts on their own. Coparenter connects parents with a live, local mediator or coach to provide child-centric guidance and resolution on outstanding issues.



  • Artkive App is not a coparenting resource but we do think it can help parents to keep their kids artwork in one place so that they get rid of clutter and can each have access to drawings, photographs and other kid related stuff.


Kidganizer App:

  • We like Kidganizer because it can help keep co-parents organized and other people and relatives that help with the kids. It takes a village! When there’s several people helping to care for your kids, this can be a central point of communication and record keeping.


Parenting Apart:

  • Parenting Apart is a great supplement to app’s like Our Family Wizard or Co-Parenter. Parenting Apart was created by Christina McGhee, a divorce coach and parenting educator. Christina focuses on the emotional issues for parents and children adjusting to life post divorce or separation. Some of the issues covered include: parenting apart challenges, inspiration and adjustment issues.

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